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Kirsti Olszewski, Mindful Birth Wo rk

An informed, empowered, and intuitive reclamation of birth.

Mindfully preparing you to be YOUR OWN best advocate through all FOUR Trimesters.

Birth is such an intimate and incredibly personal journey. Whatever your birth preferences come to be, you will be confident to be your OWN best advocate for what feels right to you.

Throughout our scheduled meetings, no matter the Support Package you chose, we will discuss birth preferences, expectations, mental health, and hands on physical comfort techniques for your support person to help you through those intense moments!

After we get to know each other and talk about any fears, excitements, uncertainties, anticipations, and hopes surrounding your birth I will start customizing our journey together.


You will have access to custom meditations, journaling, and birth affirmations specifically made for you! I create a program that helps with facilitating conversations between you and your support person/partner. These exercises help open up some difficult things like expectations before and after birth, and what that looks like in action.

If you are a birthing person, a surrogate, or are welcoming a baby through adoption or with the help of a surrogate, I'd love to have a complimentary consultation with you to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Baby in womb
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Prenatal and Birth Support Packages

Birth support looks different to every person. Find which Support Package best aligns with you.

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Infant Massage and Yoga

A calming blend of Infant Massage and Gentle Yoga to intentionally form connection.

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Prenatal Meditation Series (currently online)

Guided meditation and journaling for connection, clarity, and comfort.  

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The Mindful Birth Series

A 6 week course diving into evidence-based birth information for you and your support partner.

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