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Why Sustainable Living?

Refill. Refuse. Reduce. Recycle. Return.

Image by Sylvie Tittel

Progress is greater than perfection. At Mindful, we use the term Zero Waste to keep our goals in mind, while understanding how important the little steps along the way are. We have a sincere desire to provide you with simple and easy low-waste swaps to introduce into your homes and inspire you in your Zero Waste journey. 

REFILL: reuse containers for the same, or other products

REFUSE: make the choice to only purchase products with sustainable, or no, packaging. 

REDUCE: we are all guilty of over-consuming, but taking the time to be  mindful consumer will help you determine what you truly need

RECYCLE: And recycle responsibly! I was once a hope-cycler; I would recycle items, no matter their physical state, and just hope for the best. Empty, wash, and sort your recyclables to give them their best chance at surviving the mystery of recycle land.

RETURN: a lot of material is easily compostable, and can readily return to the Earth. 

We keep it light-hearted! You are welcome to come with an inquisitive mind, and desire to learn. At Mindful you will always be met with a respectful and friendly dialogue, as we are all in this together.

Sustainable Living: About Us
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