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Mindful Collective Box

A consciously curated, quarterly box for a more Mindful Life! 

Each season intentionally brings a new box to continue, or to inspire, an environmentally sustainable life with natural wellness. The value is always a MINIMUM of $140!

Expand your journey living Mindfully for our Planet and for YOURSELF.

Subscription $28.35/month

With a subscription to the Mindful Collective Box you also get a FREE invitation to ALL Mindful Events (think Workshops and Classes) ! Total investment of $85 per Box.
*Can cancel any time. Completion of billing period will occur.

Single Box $115/box

Want the MCB but not a subscription? You can purchase individual boxes any time for the upcoming season at $115/box, saving $25 per box!


"Okay, so I am new to all of this...but I am already fri**en OBSESSED! I love all of these new brands you are introducing me to!"

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